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About Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica, I’m a Textile Engineer, I have done my Textile Engineering degree from North Carolina State University in 2012. Since 2014, I’m working in the textile industry. As a Textile Engineer, I’m working with different types of fabric, upholstery materials, and clothes. Also, I love to sew!

My passion is finding the extraordinary features in fabric, upholstery, clothing, and sewing machines. I made this blog to provide how-to’s, trips, tricks, and fabric, clothing, upholstery, and sewing machine reviews to make your buying experience easier.

I would love to spend my whole life researching and testing fabric, upholstery, clothing products, and tech people. Always, I provide new reviews and how-to articles to help you out.

Now I hope, by following my articles, you can easily select high-quality fabric, upholstery & clothing products. Also, you will be able to make some fabric crafts, sewing, and keep your fabric, clothes in top condition.

Hope you enjoy browsing this fabrichow.com site, and you would love to start sewing!

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