The 11 Best Fabric Pots & Grow Bags Reviews for 2023

If you’re looking for the best option for container gardening, fabric pots and bags will be the right choice. Fabric grow pots promote healthy root growth. The breathable ingredients of the pots ensure effortless airflow into the soil. Super drainage and cool soil condition improve your small plant’s life.

Best Fabric Pots

Plus, the best fabric grow bags are lightweight, machine washable, and can be stored easily. All these advantages assert you should pick fabric pots if you’re the person who wants to give his plants the more healthy way of living.

Well, this guide and reviews are designed to offer you a complete guide that ensures you buy exactly the best products for your plants. Keep reading and fulfill your plant’s demand.

Top 11 Best Fabric Pots | Fabric Grow Bags Reviews

To keep you away from the frequent root pruning and grow healthy roots of the plants, fabric grow bags are the best. Here we have reviewed our top selections of fabric gardener pots from where you can select your desired product.

1. VIVOSUN 10-Pack 1 Gallon Grow Bag, Reinforced Planter Fabric Pot for Gardening

From our extensive research, these 10 packs of fabric pots from the brand VIVOSUN are worth keeping in number one. This is surely the best pick and also, one of the bestselling products on the Amazon platform. It is obvious since each of the grow bags is made of the sturdiest fabric material possible. With the thickened nonwoven fabrics, these bags are moderately permeable.

VIVOSUN 10-Pack 1 Gallon Grow Bag, Reinforced Planter Fabric Pot for Gardening

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This fabric material is highly reliable for its great drainage system. The system does not allow excess water to pool at the bottom. Rather it offers a space to the plant root for breath and better growth and development. The bags are also hundred percent BPA-free.

It indicates the products are environmentally friendly and highly durable. With moderate use, these bags can serve you to an extent of two years. Moreover, all of the bags come with a capacity of one gallon. So, you can use these heavy-duty bags for growing any small vegetable and fruit plants.

Also, these fabric planter pots are featured with reinforced handles, unlike other flimsy handles. The handles are durable and make the bags more portable. So, overall, with every nice feature, the VIVUSON 10-Pack Grow Bags should be your ultimate goal to buy for container gardening.


  • Come with durable fabric material and heavy-duty handles.
  • Sturdier construction and easier portability.
  • Prevent structure of circling root.
  • Reusable and offer a 1-year warranty.


  • They might grow mold.

2. JERIA 12 Pack 2 Gallon Nursery pots | Aeration Fabric Planter Pots with Handles for Plants, Flower, Vegetable

For some people, one-gallon capacity is not enough. They want the best with a larger capacity. So, after the ones from VIVUSON, this 12-pack Nursery Pots from JERIA is arguably the best one. For planting any flower, fruit, and vegetable plants, these aeration fabric pots are great. And also made of nonwoven fabric with higher quality.

JERIA 12 Pack 2 Gallon Nursery pots

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It ensures the proper development of the plants and their roots, leading them to produce more yields. The built-in handles are also made of the same materials.

Featuring the necessary water drainage system, the pots help in eliminating over-watering. Moreover, they bring a balanced temperature inside the soil, to cope up with different weather. The grow bags are capable of keeping the plant and soil cool in hot temperatures and vice versa.

Overall, with easy movement features and everything, these JERIA nursery pots are highly efficient. If you want an easy and quick garden, these fabric pots can definitely help you.


  • 12 bags offer great value for money.
  • Reusable and sustainable for years.
  • Versatile and come with labels for easy recognition.
  • Promotes a great environment for plant growth.


  • Mold development can be seen.

3. Smart Pots – 3 Gallon Fabric Smart Pot- Soft-sided Container

Coming to the timeless creation for your plants, the Smart Pots are surely the ultimate slayer. You can see these fabric smart pots in almost every nursery. With a prominent appearance, these bags offer the healthy growth of your precious plants. These products are most wanted for their root strengthening system which is the ultimate goal of any plant keeper.

Smart Pots – 3 Gallon Fabric Smart Pot- Soft-sided Container

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Stronger roots offer stronger plants with a higher yield. Thus, your veggies and flowers are in great condition if they are placed in these top-quality grow bags. Even though the brand offers a wider range of colors, sizes, and all, this particular one comes with a 3-gallon capacity in black color.

The pot is also made of breathable soft-sided fabric. Its rigid structure holds the prominent shape of the bag even after pouring soil. Moreover, to provide a healthier state, the bag has a feature for maximizing moisture.

Overall, being resistant to insects and diseases, the aeration plat container helps you to obtain vigorous plants. Even for thicker plants, this pot would be the right choice.


  • Best for commercial tree growers.
  • Features commendable weather responsiveness.
  • Portable and strengthens root structure.
  • Resistant to UV and BPA-free.


  • Features no handle.

4. VIVOSUN Heavy Duty 5 Pack 5 Gallon Fabric Pots | Breathable Plant Pots

As we mentioned, for your precious vegetable and flower plants, VIVUSON keeps offering top-rated fabric pots. This one is also not an exception. But this time it is more heavy-duty and way sturdier. The pot set comes with a number of 5 packs and a larger capacity of 5 gallons. They are made of the same non-woven and 300g thickened fabric materials.

VIVOSUN Heavy Duty 5 Pack 5 Gallon Fabric Pots | Breathable Plant Pots

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Moreover, their larger capacity and quality material provide an extensive drainage system like other VIVUSON fabric pots. Not retaining excess water, the grow bags create space for easy breathing of plants. As a result, you can grow healthy plants to a larger extent.

The side handles are also strong enough. Thanks to nonwoven fabric again. The handles are sewed to the pots with serge stitches. So, they can support even a bag full of soil. The handles do not make the pots less portable.

Withstanding any kind of tear and wear, these bags are meant to survive for years. So, for better gardening with better spacing go for this VIVUSON pots.


  • Keeps the soil and roots cool and oxygenated.
  • Environmentally friendly and breathable.
  • Develop fibrous and robust roots without pruning.
  • Stays upright for easy filling of soil.


  • Requires quality control.  

5. Gardzen 10-Pack 7 Gallon Aeration Fabric Plant Pots with Handles

If you are looking for the ideal fabric pots in a larger quantity but at a reasonable price, then look at this pick of ours. This brand Gardzen offers 10-pack pots to its buyers at unbelievably low prices. You buy this set, you get both quantity and quality. With all the positive reviews from the users, these aeration pots have a nice appearance as well.

Gardzen 10-Pack 7 Gallon Aeration Fabric Plant Pots with Handles

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Unlike some other pots, these pots feel way fluffier. Each pot can take a weight of 7 gallons which is surprisingly a great deal at this rate. Moreover, they are both AZO and BPA-free. The non-woven fabric material is premium in quality and breathable for plants.

They are also washable so that you can use them year after year. With the access of aeration and air permeability, these bags prevents root swirling. In fact, they ensure faster plant growth and excellent root ball providing great drainage.

Plus, with an easy transporting system and strong handle straps, you should not miss the chance of having these Gardzen plant pots.


  • Promotes a healthy environment.
  • Easy transfer and transplantation.
  • Lightweight, washable, and reusable.
  • Best for patios and value for money.


  • Complete black material absorbs solar heat and damage plant roots.

6. HOOPLE 6 pack 10 Gallon Fabric Pots for Plants

If you are very much concerned about your plants getting affected by the weather, simply put them in HOOPLE fabric pots. This particular model we have picked comes with 6 pots each having 10 gallons of capacity. These pots are also made of non-woven material and offer benefits like other fabric plant pots.

HOOPLE 6 pack 10 Gallon Fabric Pots for Plants

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The fabric material is thickened and keeps the plant warm or cool according to their need. Moreover, the pots provide a free drainage system through their sides and bottom. Hence, overwatering is never an issue with these HOOPLE grow bags.

They are also BPA-free and eco-friendly. To make a beautiful garden in a little space, these 10 pots are a great deal even for the money. You can use them for planting anything including chili, potato, radish, carrot, and other veggies.

Additionally, with X shape handle sewing, these pots are sturdy and highly portable. So, providing a 100% satisfying guarantee, the HOOPLE pots are worth buying.


  • Suitable for any plant and vegetable.
  • Ensures better aeration faster growth.
  • Portable design with superior durability.
  • Reusable and highly versatile for quality.


  • Come a bit smaller than advertised.

7. MELONFARM 5-Pack 15 Gallon Garden Pots With Handles

With hardline stitching, the MELONFARM also offers top-quality fabric pots. These bags are extraordinarily known for their sturdy constructing of heavy plants.

MELONFARM 5-Pack 15 Gallon Garden Pots With Handles

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Surprisingly, these 5-pack MELONFARM pots come in a size of 15 gallons. If you are planning to grow bigger plants in pots then these pots with the size might bring you luck today.

Like our other mentioned products, these are also manufactured with non-woven fabric. The material is heavy, thickened, and stitched in a way that they can easily grow larger plants. The nylon handles are also stitched in such a tough way that they can take weight even if you hang them with the plant.

Their load-bearing capacity is highly impressive. They will not seep or fall apart. Draining the excess water easily, these pots create enough space for roots to grow healthier.

Their drainage system and good aeration are interconnected with each other. With the greatest ventilation quality and balanced temperature control, MELONFARM Pots are something you should not miss out on.


  • Offers ideal ventilation and temperature control.
  • Develops root structure draining excess water.
  • Resistant to insect, disease, and damage.
  • Easy to wash, reusable, and effective.


  • Fabric is not that thicker as claimed.

8. iPower 5 Pack 20 Gallon Grow Bags With Strap Handle

If you are in search of the best 20-gallon bags with sturdier handles, then you are in luck today. Check out this iPower 5-pack grow bags pack. These pots come with the most desired strap handles. Unlike our other reviewed produts, these come with different yet smart appearances. They are made of weed blocking and high-quality non-woven fabric.

iPower 5 Pack 20 Gallon Grow Bags With Strap Handle

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The material enables the containers to offer better aeration. To talk more about the handles, they are double-stitched and way thicker. This design makes the containers highly portable. So, you can take them anywhere you want.

Also, the features eliminate the risk and consequences of transplant shock of different plants. Coming out of the conventional designs for fabric pots, these iPower bags have managed to offer something different.

In total, offering the best root formation and great drainage, the 20-gallon iPower grow bags are versatile in every way. So, if you want something exceptional, grab these.


  • Promotes root pruning preventing root circling.
  • Provide excellent temperature control.
  • Percolate extra water through the fabric.
  • Easy storage and strapped handle.


  • Mold growth can be found.

9. Garden4Ever 5 Pack 30 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags with Handles

When looking for the cheapest yet the best 30-gallon fabric pots for your fruits and veggies, then Garden4Ever has something great to offer you. This specific set of the brand provides 5 pots with 30-gallon size. To have a mess-free gardening experience, these bags are undoubtedly a great deal. They are low maintenance. Thus, they do not require hardcore cleaning or draining.

Garden4Ever 5 Pack 30 Gallon Fabric Grow Bags with Handles

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Moreover, the pots stand upright due to their fabric construction with non-woven material. They are stable and also feel growth-friendly. These bags keep the roots always oxygenated along with the soil. Therefore, there is no way, the plant root would get curled up or tangled.

The entire size of each bag provides enough space for the plant root to grow independently and vigorously. Furthermore, the containers are featured with an automated air-prune design. So, you can expect the healthiest growth of your plant.

The broad space inside each pot increases better mineral and water absorption. Hence, they obtain optimal drainage and aeration as well. To decorate your garden with a mini realm of plants, Garden4Ever fabric pots are just the right ones.


  • Impressive drainage and aeration system.
  • Feature sturdy handles for ultimate portability.
  • Increases plant growth and overall production.
  • Convenient storage and reusable.


  • Lack of temperature control.

10. Gardzen 2 Pack 50 Gallon Fabric Pots

Our next addition to this list of fabric pots and bags reviews is also from the brand Gradzen. It includes a total of 2 bags that come at the cheapest rate possible. We have already mentioned, how surprisingly, Gardzen offers the products at the best price. The brand has always managed to please its customers. You can easily predict this by reading their reviews.

Gardzen 2 Pack 50 Gallon Fabric Pots

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Nothing is exceptional in this particular set of grow bags as well. Nonetheless, these two bags certainly come in a different shape than our other reviewed pots. They have a cylindrical shape and a size of 50-gallon. They offer a good and fluffy feeling.

Their premium non-woven fabric material also offers the pots to be AZO-free. Moreover, providing excellent aeration and air permeability, they let the plant grow effectively. The drainage is also appreciable.

Also, their strap handles are double-stitched. They are thick enough to transport from one place to another easily. Overall, with a sturdy feature and design, these 50-gallon pots from Gardzen are worth the money.  


  • The cylindrical shape offers more space.
  • Sturdy construction and feels good.
  • Best for 50-gallon storage.
  • Fabric is stitched in a nice way.


  • Mold can take place inside.

11. Oppolite 100 Gallon 6-Pack Round Fabric Aeration Pots

Our last but not least pick is this fabric pot set from Oppolite. The fabric pots come in an unbelievably larger size. Each of the 6 grow bags can offer a space of 100 gallons. They are surely the best 100-gallon fabric aeration pots. All comes in a round shape.

Oppolite 100 Gallon 6-Pack Round Fabric Aeration Pots

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The premium black fabrics are not only stylish but also highly functional for using many years. They are super long-lasting. Moreover, their fabric materials are also convenient for the Hydroponic growing of indoor plants. The breathable fabrics are sewed in five lines that make the edges stronger.

All the bags are environment-friendly. They are easily washable and reusable. These fabric garden pots can keep the plants warm in winter and cool in summer. It is because their aeration system is truly amazing.

With a perfect trim and firmer stitch, these bags feel thick, durable, and strong. Get these Oppolite pots and let your larger plants be a part of your garden.


  • Come with stronger and sturdy edges.
  • Breathable fabric enhances root development.
  • Have a stylish appearance.
  • Come at in comparatively low price.


  • Don’t come with any handle.

Things to Consider When Buying Fabric Pots

Fabric Grow bags or fabric pots are not equally made. Depending on the brands and types of fibers, their service can be different. Here we will discuss some key factors that you should carefully notice when getting grow bags.


Though these fabric pots are made of fabric, all fabrics don’t come with high-quality fibers. Make sure to check the fabrics; if the quality is fine, you can expect service for an extended time.

The fabric materials of the pots should be breathable and sturdy as well. If the materials are not strong enough, the pots will be unable to hold gardening supplies.

Shape and Size

You shouldn’t pick a grow pot that is not suitable for the place you select for gardening. As different sizes are available, choose a grow pot or bag that looks fine and suits your needs. Generally, round-shaped are excellent with all quality features.

It’s important to confirm what type of plants you’re going to grow. Also, be sure that where you’re planning to store the fabric pots. Depending on these factors, select sizes. When you have small spaces to store, 1 to 10 gallons are ideal.

Most of the time, the pot sizes are selected based on the plants. If you want to grow small plants like peas and lettuce, 3-gallon fabric pots are ideal. Growing vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes are fun in 5-gallon bags. If you want to create a small garden with vegetables and small plants, go for 10-gallon bags or larger-size bags.

Temperature Management

We all know that plastic bags are not breathable. Even some types of fabric bags are also not breathable and they trap heat in sunlight.

Then, the heat can cook the roots and damage plants’ health. So, be sure that your chosen fabric pots can control the temperature and hold only that temperature that is required for plants.

Proper Drainage

Does your grow bags come with a proper drainage system? The right drainage system means the good health of trees. Ensure that your grow bags contain appropriate ventilation and drainage.

They are connected to each other while offering a suitable amount of temperature and water for plants. Excess water can attract molds. The right drainage system will remove excess water but ensure watering for every corner of the pot.

Easy Storage

You’ll need to store the pots after use. No problem, you can continuously use them but sometimes you want to store the fabric pots after a certain cultivation period and for the next use.

For easy storage, some bags can be folded easily. They require very small spaces to be stored. Plus, they will remain the same as the original. So, when choosing fabric plant bags, make sure they are easy to store and maintain.


Grow bags and pots are lightweight. They’re also made for serving you for a long time. Some bags are available with handles and you can easily carry them, even with heavy supplies.

Bags without handles may create trouble when transporting them. So, buy fabric pots or bags that are easy to store and move.

FAQ’s on Fabric Grow Bags

What Can I Grow in Fabric Pots?

Fabric pots come in different sizes. You can select different plants depending on their sizes. In a 3-gallon pot, you can grow plants like pepper, peas, lettuce, and more.

The 5-gallon fabric pots are ideal for growing vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes. These bags work also well for herbs, flowers, and small fruit trees.

If you want to grow relatively more vegetables, bring 10-gallon-sized pots. These fabric gardening pots are great for cultivating salad greens and spinach. A big grow bag will really work as a small garden!

Do Fabric Pots Leak Water?

It depends on how you water the plants and how much you add to the fabric pots. Fabric cloth pots ensure easy drainage. It’s really an advantage! When you add water, it goes into every part of the pot.

And water can seep out of every side of the pot, mainly from the bottom. This confirms your plants can fulfill their needs for water properly and extra water can seep out without keeping the soil wet for extra time.

How Long do Fabric Pots Last?

Fabric pots offer lots of benefits including maximum root growth and healthy plants. They are durable, lightweight, and reusable.

Depending on the quality of products and brands, you can expect service from a fabric pot for up to 5 years. Your way of using and carefulness also can affect their lifespan.

What Kinds of Fabric to Use for Grow Bags?

Manufacturers use breathable fabrics to make grow bags. Breathable fabrics are vital to growing plants that will be healthy and provide more yields. In general, various types of fabrics are used to produce grow bags and pots.

But maximum fabric pots are made using polypropylene. This is a stronger fabric and reusable. It can hold and handle different gardening supplies. Plus, this fabric lasts longer without affecting plants’ health.

Can I Use Fabric Shopping Bags as Grow Bags?

Yes, you can use it. But keep in mind that these bags will not give you the best result that you expect. Fabric shopping bags may not be breathable enough.

Even you need to cut holes at the bottom of the bags for ensuring proper drainage. Plus, they will not be that durable to handle gardening supplies. So, fabric pots are recommended for plants.

Final Words

That’s all about fabric pots for plants. Now, it’s time to make your decision. We have reviewed some top-quality models keeping all relevant things in mind. Depending on plants, storage facility, and your budget, you can pick your expected grow bag.

Make sure your fabric pants pots are sturdy enough and easy to handle. It’s really troublesome when you have plants in pots but you can’t carry them when necessary.

Consider all these things and find a fabric pot from our reviewed options.

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