How to Make Fabric Paint: DIY Homemade Fabric Paint

How to Make Fabric Paint

As a team of designers and decorators, we are all into painting fabrics. And each week, we go through tons of fabric paint tubes. It has come to a point where we purchased all the affordable options in bulk and still can not keep them available in our painting storage area. That is when the … Read more

How Many Yards In A Bolt of Fabric: A Complete Guide

How Many Yards In A Bolt of Fabric

Running out of fabric before completing your project is a complete turn-off. If you are on a sewing project, you would like to buy yourself enough pieces of fabric. For that, you need to know your cloth yardage and enter a fabric store. As you step in, a vast fabric collection wrapped around a cardboard … Read more

How to Make Fabric Stiffener: 5 DIY Homemade Recipes

How to Make Fabric Stiffener

“Stiffening up the fabric” has now turned into a go-to thing for any crafting and sewing project. Perhaps you’re dealing with lace or crochet tasks. Or tailoring your shirts that call for stiff collars. A fabric stiffener is what you need! As you set out to the craft shops for clothes, you will find tons … Read more