How Many Yards In A Bolt of Fabric: A Complete Guide

How Many Yards In A Bolt of Fabric

Running out of fabric before completing your project is a complete turn-off. If you are on a sewing project, you would like to buy yourself enough pieces of fabric. For that, you need to know your cloth yardage and enter a fabric store. As you step in, a vast fabric collection wrapped around a cardboard … Read more

Does E6000 Work on Fabric? How to Use It Guide

Does E6000 Work on Fabric

Ever happened that you were thinking of using some glue on a piece of fabric and all you found was an E6000 glue tube? Was your first thought, does E6000 work on fabric? Good news! E6000 works on fabrics. E6000 glue is strong and versatile glue. It works on different types of materials, from fabric … Read more