How Many Yards of Fabric to Make a Dress?

How Many Yards of Fabric to Make a Dress

When you’re planning to make a dress, you also think about fabric to match your dress’s pattern, style, and size. And after deciding which fabric you’re going to buy, you consider the amount; you might ask yourself – how many yards of fabric to make a dress. From 1 yard to 5 yards of fabric, … Read more

What is Landscape Fabric? A Complete Guide

What is Landscape Fabric

Perhaps, the question arrives in mind when gardeners see weeds growing beside the targeted plants. And these weeds suck up all the nutrients from the soil. As a result, the hard work becomes a failure. But setting up landscape fabric can prevent these awkward situations. So, what is landscape fabric? Well, “Landscape fabric” may sound … Read more

How Much Does Fabric Cost?

How Much Does Fabric Cost

You love sewing, but it requires some expenses. You can’t avoid them as sewing a dress or making a craft involves so many things. All those things are rarely available in your home and most of the time, you need to buy them. Fabric is the key product when sewing and it is normal to … Read more