Does E6000 Work on Fabric? How to Use It Guide

Ever happened that you were thinking of using some glue on a piece of fabric and all you found was an E6000 glue tube? Was your first thought, does E6000 work on fabric?

Does E6000 Work on Fabric

Good news! E6000 works on fabrics. E6000 glue is strong and versatile glue. It works on different types of materials, from fabric to glass. This glue is a great choice for DIY, crafts, and other fabric projects.

In this article, we will talk more about this amazing E6000 glue, how you can use it, and a great E6000 glue product that you should own for your fabric projects. So, let’s dive in.

What is E6000?

E6000 is a strong and waterproof adhesive that works great on a wide range of materials. While other adhesives may work on some specific materials and fail on others, this glue can work on almost any material. This incredible adhesive works great on glass, fabric, metal, wood, ceramics, vinyl, rubber, leather, and so on.

What is E6000

There are lots of use cases where the E6000 glue comes in very handy because it effectively works both indoors and outdoors. The E6000 glue is waterproof and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, which makes it an ideal choice for objects or materials that go under tough tests every day, your shoes for example.

Like most other materials, it’s an excellent choice for applying to fabrics. Since it can withstand extreme temperatures, it is even suitable for a washer or dryer! And you can choose from different colors to match your fabric or other work material so that the joints remain unnoticeable.

Once the glue is properly cured, it remains stretchy and flexible, making it a perfect choice for materials like clothing. This is one of the big reasons why you will love to use this glue for your DIY projects.

This glue will dry clear, so you may use it for sealing your project. However, there can be air bubbles, so we recommend experimenting somewhere else first and then applying it to your actual project. E6000 is strong, but to achieve the strength, it needs time, and you can say it is the most annoying downside of this glue.

If you are trying to join two pieces together, you will need to allow the glue about half an hour to an hour to do its job. To make the adhesive perfectly set in, you need to wait for at least a full day (24 hours). For better results, you may need to wait even longer.

Since it takes a long time to make two items stick to one another properly, there is a high chance that the items can move a bit due to gravity. That’s why you need to make sure you use a support to keep the pieces in place before applying the glue.

The glue is not recommended for gluing to paper, styrofoam, polyethylene, and some other materials.

What is E6000 Glue Used for?

To be honest with you, the answer would be that the E6000 glue can be used for almost anything! The reason we are saying that the E6000 glue can be used for anything is that it can work perfectly on a wide variety of materials, whereas most other glue will fail to do so.

What is E6000 Glue Used for

You see, some glues are made for specific materials, the crafting glue that kids use at their school for example. The use cases of those glues are limited, that’s why they are quite useless on other materials. However, the case of E6000 glue is different.

The E6000 glue is suitable for different materials which include fabric, metal, glass, ceramics, vinyl, rubber, leather, wood, and so on. This glue can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, making it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor projects.

The product “E6000 Craft” can be applied at temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It can stand up to temperatures from -40 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit when it is fully cured. So, you get the idea of how effective the glue is against extreme temperatures.

Having said that, the glue is not suitable for some materials including paper, styrofoam, polyethylene, and some other materials. Using the E6000 Craft glue on an object that generally comes into contact with water or food is not recommended.

Does E6000 Work on Fabric?

Yes, the E6000 FABRI-FUSE glue works on fabric. To go to an extent, we can say it will work on many types of fabrics. This glue is a pretty useful product when working with a fabric item. There are tons of fabric projects where you can use this glue and achieve amazing results.

E6000 Work on Fabric

You may use it for fabric craft projects, fixing torn quilts, and so on. You have polyester or cotton fabric and wondering if it is a good option for gluing. No worries, give it a try with E6000 glue.

Not only that, you can easily stick glass, seashells, metal, ceramic, wood, beads, pebbles, rhinestones, etc. to your fabric item with E6000 glue. So, you get to bring a myriad of craft ideas into reality with this awesome glue.

Since the glue gives a strong bond and can withstand extreme temperatures, you can even wash the fabric gently after the glue is properly set in.

Can You Use E6000 Glue for Fabric?

Yes, you can use E6000 glue on fabric. The brand which manufactures E6000 glue has different variants of E6000 products. One of them is labeled as E6000 FABRI-FUSE. This is the product you need for your fabric projects because it is specially labeled for fabric.

Can You Use E6000 on Fabric

The E6000 FABRI-FUSE makes an amazing bond on different types of fabrics. The glue is flexible, making it an ideal choice for fabric work. You can even wash your fabric item after the glue is fully set in.

Another amazing thing is, not only hand washing, you can even load your garment into a washing machine. Don’t worry; your fabric will remain flexible! You don’t need to worry about the bond either because the bond is permanent.

The glue will dry clear, so it will not ruin the look where you join the clothes or stick craft objects. The last thing that makes it more awesome is that when the glue is properly dried in the fabric, it can be sewn through!

E6000 Fabric Glue Review

If you are a craft-loving person, especially if you love fabric crafts, this combo
of E6000 FABRI-FUSE Fabric Glue and Pixiss Accessories should be close to your hand all the time. This amazing combo has a 4 fl oz E6000 FABRI-FUSE shelf bottle, 2 jewel picker pencils, and needle-tip tweezers.

E6000 Fabric Glue Review

The E6000 FABRI-FUSE is a great adhesive that works amazingly on different types of fabrics. The glue is flexible and can be sewn through after it is dried properly. The garment can be washed in a washing machine as well. E6000 FABRI-FUSE dries clear, so you can not only add trims, lace, patches, ribbon, or other decorative objects but also repair your fabric item.

To give your crafty hands a little boost on your project, this combo comes with 2 jewel picker pencils and needle-tip tweezers. Picking jewels with your hands is kind of irritating, especially when you are in a hurry. It slows you down. That’s why the jewel picker pencils and needle-tip tweezers will make your work easier and faster.


  • The E6000 FABRI-FUSE glue is suitable for a wide range of fabric projects.
  • The glue is durable yet washable after it is properly dried.
  • The glue has a low odor and it dries clear.
  • The jewel picker pencils and needle-tip tweezers will help work with tiny objects easily.


  • The glue can take a longer time to dry compared to some other glue.

How to Use E6000 on Fabric?

Using E6000 glue on a fabric surface is quite easy, you don’t need some sort of special tools or skills to work with it. Your crafty hands are enough to deal with this strong glue. However, before you start, it’s best to gather a few items, so you’ll have them nearby when required.

Here are the things you will need:

  • Pieces of fabric
  • The E6000 Glue
  • A needle
  • Tweezers

Time needed: 12 hours

We recommend using clear E6000 glue for a fabric project. You may choose black or white color, but keep in mind that clear glue will dry clear, and it will be less visible on the project. On the other hand, other colors will be more noticeable compared to the clear ones.

We also recommend using the E6000 FABRI-FUSE for fabric works, but if you have any other favorite variant, you can give it a try with it. Now, let’s look at the steps to use glue on a piece of fabric.

  1. Preparing the Surface

    First, you need to clean the piece of fabric. Dust, debris, lint, and dirt can have a negative impact on the bond. You may wash the fabric item if simply wiping over it is not enough. However, we recommend you wash the item only if it is washable.

    Since E6000 takes some time to start curing, you should lay the fabric on a flat surface so that the objects that will be placed on the fabric don’t get misplaced due to gravity.

  2. Prepare the Glue

    First, remove the cap, and you will see a foil seal. You need to pierce the seal to get the glue. Poke the seal with a pointy needle to make a hole in it. Instead of applying the glue directly on your workpiece, you can try it on a spare fabric piece first; it will give you an idea about the flow and will help reduce the mess.

    Disclaimer: Some glues can have toxic fumes, make sure to use the E6000 in an open or well-ventilated area.

  3. Applying the Glue on the Fabric

    The application is quite simple and will obviously depend on your preferences and the task. You may use it directly from the tube or use a piece of cardboard to spread the glue. To stick larger objects, you can squeeze the tube or container gently and draw curves or lines with the glue, then place the object on the glue afterward.

    If you want to work with small objects like beads, rhinestones, jewels, and the like, we recommend using tweezers. Tweezers will help grab them quickly and place them precisely. For smaller objects, you can take a drop of glue for each one and place them on the glue using tweezers and push them gently to make them stick firmly.How to Use E6000 on Fabric

  4. Allowing the Glue to Rest

    E6000 can take some time to properly cure, so you need to be patient. The resting period can take 24 to 72 hours, and the time may vary depending on the weather conditions, the thickness of the layer of the glue, and so on.

Does E6000 Dry Clear on Fabric?

Yes, if you choose a clear variant of E6000 FABRI-FUSE, it will dry clear on the fabric. E6000 glue can come in different colors, but selecting a clear one will give you clearer results when it dries.

Does E6000 Dry Clear on Fabric

Since the glue dries clear, it will not be quite noticeable and make your craft or fabric work look more professionally finished.

How Long Does E6000 Take to Dry on Fabric?

While working with E6000 glue, you need to be a bit patient because, unlike other glues, E6000 is slow-drying glue. However, when you see the strength of the bond, you will feel that the waiting time was worth it!

How Long Does E6000 Take to Dry on Fabric

Since there are different E6000 products like fabric-fuse, fray lock, extreme tack, and so on, the drying time may differ. But in general, you need to wait for about 24 to 72 hours for better results. However, the manufacturer of E6000 recommends drying Fabri-Fuse glue flat for a minimum of 8 hours.

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Final Words

E6000 is amazing glue. The adhesive’s capacity to adhere to a wide range of surfaces makes it unique in the world of glue. It bonds very strongly, is resistant to extreme weather, and is flexible. E6000 Fabri-Fuse is an ideal choice for a fabric DIY or repair project.

In this article, we showed you that, E6000 works pretty well on fabrics. So, go ahead with E6000 glue, craft stunning DIY projects, or fabric repair projects, and make everyone keep staring at them.

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  1. E6000 is the best holding glue that I have EVER used. I have used it on various craft projects. My most amazing experience was on an outdoor rocking chair for my sister. The rocker come completely loose. I told my sister that we would get some E600 and try it. Off to Walmart we went! When I looked at the rocker, I found it was hollow. There was some metal, but hollow. I applied it anyway and waited…The next day, I tried to pull the rocker off but it was bonded tightly and firmly. That fix has lasted 4 years!!! We were all surprised and amazed. I can’t praise your product enough. Now, I’m gonna try E6000 Fabri fuse. I’m expecting great results! I can hardly wait to see the outcome. I’ll be gluing fraternity letters to a tee shirt for my grandson. Thank you for awesome glue products.


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