The 5 Best Fabric Stiffener Options Reviews for 2023

Fabric stiffeners are applied to harden your fabrics including ribbons, lace, cheesecloth, and more. They give the fabric a three-dimensional structure, a firm and rigid shape. These fabrics are used for various craft projects. Basically, for so many reasons, you will need to stiffen the fabric.

Best Fabric Stiffener

To stiffen the fabric, you can use some homemade products. But for a better result, you must go for a commercial fabric stiffener. The finding process of the best fabric stiffeners can make you overwhelmed because of the limitless collection.

Well, we are here to help you with the reviews of a few of the stiffeners so that you can easily pick the right one for your project. Let’s read the guide and make a decision.

Top 5 Best Fabric Stiffeners: Liquid & Spray Reviews

Your projects are not all the same and you need different fabric stiffeners at different times. Permanent or temporary stiffeners can be useful in some of your particular projects. Keeping all your needs in mind, we have reviewed only the 5 best products.

1. Mod Podge Plaid Stiffy Commercial Fabric Stiffener

The Mod Podge fabric stiffener is an all-in-one package that you can use for many purposes. We have picked it as the best because of its versatile use, user-friendliness, and affordable price.

Mod Podge Plaid Stiffy Commercial Fabric Stiffener

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This commercial fabric stiffener hardens the fabrics as expected. It really does works and so, you can make customized gifts and home décor. It helps to create appliqués and decals. The outdoor decoupage task can be a successful project with this Mod Podge product.

You can use it as a multipurpose item like sealer, glue, and finish. Therefore, any of your projects can turn into really beautiful creative work. The stiffener dries faster and clearly, and it leaves ‘no residue’. Additionally, it adds a smooth and shiny finish.

This product is basically water-based and non-toxic. In most cases, it’s safe. However, you shouldn’t keep it closer to your children. This stiffener is very easy to use and you can clean it easily with soap and water if needed.


  • A flexible and versatile stiffener.
  • Comes with a super strong and handy spray formula.
  • Works on any type of fabric and paper.
  • Water-based, leaves ‘no sign’ on the surface while using.
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to apply and wash.


  • Carefully use it or read the manual; otherwise, it can make your fabric crispy.

2. API Permanent Fabric Stiffener

Fabric crafting feels incomplete without stiffeners. API Fabric Stiffener is here to help you turn your imaginations into reality! You get a chance to create a wide range of fabric crafts with this amazing stiffener because it is ideal for almost any fabric product.

API Permanent Fabric Stiffener

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Besides helping you to transform creative ideas into fabric crafts, it gives you lots of benefits as well. This stiffener dries clear, so you won’t need to be worried about someone pinpointing the unusual-looking, gluey stuff on your craft. That’s why if you need some stiffness in your crochet projects, this one is the ideal stiffener.

The API stiffener extends with water. So, you can use it as usual or you can extend it if you want. Another great thing worth mentioning is that you don’t need to be worried if you mess things up. This stiffener is water-based so you can easily clean things up. So, those pretty bows, laces, and trims are just a few touches away from the API fabric stiffener.


  • Very easy to use; smooth working experience.
  • Extendable with water or you can use it as usual.
  • Water-based product; easier to clean up the mess.
  • Dries clear; won’t affect the color of your work piece.
  • Ideal for crochet projects, trims, laces, and more.


  • Applying too much stiffener can hide some colors of your item.

3. Aleene’s 15581 Stiffen – Quick Fabric Stiffening Spray – Temporary Stiffener

No matter what materials you use for your crafts, their application process matters a lot. No one would love to spend hours working on a single spot of the workpiece. That’s why you should look for Aleene’s 15581 Stiffen-Quick Fabric Stiffening Spray. This stiffener offers you a spray bottle to work quickly and easily compared to other manual products.

Aleene’s 15581 Stiffen - Quick Fabric Stiffening Spray - Temporary Stiffener

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A matter of concern is you can mess up all your hard work while applying the stiffener. But with controlled sprays using the stiffening sprayer, you can reduce overusing and ultimately reduce the chances of messing things up. But if you still mess things up, still no worries. You can simply wash it out. It’s that simple!

Are you thinking ‘what if the stiffener damages the color of the item’? To make you calm, Aleene’s 15581 spray promises this stiffener to dry clear without yellowing your fabric item. Plus, it dries fast and it is non-toxic too. So, you not only feel at ease but also safe while working with fabrics, bows, doilies, ribbons, and more.


  • Dries clear; your work-piece won’t get yellowed.
  • Comes in a convenient spray pump; apply evenly.
  • Dries fast; comparatively less time to finish the project.
  • Easy cleanup and reshaping just by washing it out.
  • Non-toxic; safe for your health.


  • May require multiple applications on a single item.

4. Aleenes Liquid Strongest Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid

If you’re looking for a stiffener that will help in your crochet project, you can pick Aleenes fabric stiffener and draping liquid. It works great if you can use it correctly.

Aleenes Liquid Strongest Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid

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It’s made of non-toxic formula. So, it will not harm your skin while using. Plus, it’s easy to use and clean-up is also effortless. Clean it with a damp cloth without any extra hassle.

You can mix a little bit of water with the stiffener and then apply it to the fabric. The stiffening will be done but you may need to use more than 1 coat. Don’t worry, it can take some time. The fabric will be hardened overnight.

Direct applying it from the bottle will also give a satisfying result. The stiffener will dry within a short time. You can wash the hardened fabric with water. The water can soften the stiffener but will not remove that completely. Overall, it’s strong enough to harden and shape your fabric.


  • Great stiffener for all of your seasonal projects.
  • Provides the best result at affordable cost.
  • Dries clear, acrylic non-toxic formula.
  • Can be used directly or with water for customized design.


  • Dry properly and wash lightly; otherwise, the stiffener can be removed.

5. BEACON Plaid Stiffen Stuff Super Quick Stiffening Spray

Tired of figuring out the right degree of stiffness on your crafts? Think it is high time to switch to a stiffening spray; to be more precise, the BEACON Plaid Stiffen Stuff Spray. With this amazing stiffening spray, you can easily choose the proper stiffness for your craft. All you need to do is spray some extra coats to increase the stiffness.

BEACON Plaid Stiffen Stuff Super Quick Stiffening Spray

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If safety at work is your top priority, no matter how small the task is then this stiffening spray is just the thing for you. This spray is non-toxic and it’s non-flammable as well. So, work with confidence.

With this super quick spray, you can easily work on various types of crafts; from lace doilies to crochet works. And if you are planning to make silk flowers and other crafts, plan to add the BEACON stiffen spray to your cart as well.


  • Non-flammable and Non-toxic; safe to use.
  • Ideal for bows, crochet works, doilies, and more.
  • Works well on projects and don’t worry about messing things up.


  • The smell might be a little unpleasant.
  • May make the fabric crispy or crunchy and leave residue on it.

Things to Consider When Buying A Fabric Stiffener

It’s important to buy fabric stiffeners from a well-known manufacturer. But still, there are some points that you should consider to secure your investment. Let’s check them all.


When you invest in a fabric stiffener, you want a good product that gives you the result that you want. A top-quality stiffener means it will create a rigid shape of your fabric. But all the stiffeners are not made equally and you will not achieve the same result always.

So, try to read reviews and spend time to know what manufacturers say about their products. Finally, decide which one will be more efficient for your project.

Drying Time:

If your chosen fabric stiffener takes relatively more time to dry, you will have ultimately more disadvantages than advantages. Many low-quality stiffeners are not clear and leave visible marks of their use on the fabrics.

This problem can be solved if you buy a top-quality stiffener that dries faster. A fast-drying stiffener will also save your time to stiffen fabrics.

Easy to Apply:

Will you like a fabric stiffener that is troublesome to use? Nobody wants to spend tiresome time on stiffening fabrics. So, this is vital to pick a user-friendly stiffener. Among liquid, spray, and paste, the spray is very handy when it comes to applying it to the fabrics. Try to select stiffener sprays that will help to lessen your hard works.


Make sure how much stiffener you need for your project. It’s not wise to buy a big-sized bottle but your project requires a little one! However, if you can store it properly, you can buy a larger spray bottle and save stiffener for other projects.

Also, be sure that how many coats are efficient to get the best result. If one coat is enough, you can save your money as well.

User’s Opinion:

When buying anything, reading reviews can help you to make a wise decision. Read what users say about a particular stiffener and then you should decide. Consider reading more and more reviews so that you can select the right one.

FAQs on Fabric Stiffeners

What Can I Use to Stiffen Fabric?

Fabric stiffening is not as hard as you are probably thinking. There are two ways you can stiffen fabrics; using regular household products or using commercial products.

If you want to use household products to stiffen the fabric, you can use glue, gelatin, water and sugar, cornstarch, wallpaper pastes, and more. And if you are choosing commercial products, you can pick fabric stiffening sprays or fabric stiffener liquids.

Can You Use Cornstarch to Stiffen Fabric?

Definitely, you can use cornstarch to stiffen fabrics. If you don’t want to spend money on stiffening fabrics and go all-natural then cornstarch is just the thing for you. Just head to your kitchen and find yourself some cornstarch and tada… you have your natural fabric stiffener.

All you need to do is take 1 part of cornstarch for 6 parts of water in a pot. Mix them well. Now heat the mixture in medium to mild heat to make the mixture a little bit thicker. Finally, you are ready with your natural stiffener.

Can You Use Hairspray to Stiffen Fabric?

Again, if you are not in the mood of spending a pretty penny on fabric stiffeners, hairsprays can help you with that. It just works fine on your fabrics. And the good thing is you don’t need to be worried about which type of hairspray you are using. Almost all types of hair sprays work fine.

But you should avoid hair sprays containing alcohol. It’s because alcohol might affect the color of your item and cause dye bleeding.

Is Fabric Stiffener Waterproof?

Generally speaking, no. Most fabric stiffeners are not actually waterproof. In fact, they don’t even provide good resistance against water. To make your fabric item truly waterproof, you need to use a good quality waterproofing spray.

Is Fabric Stiffener Spray Permanent?

Some stiffener sprays might offer permanent stiffening. But that totally depends on the product. If the manufacturer promises permanent stiffening, you are ready to enjoy it.

You can check the label of the product to make sure if the product can permanently stiffen fabrics or not. That’s why it’s important to read the label of the product you are buying.

Final Words

When buying fabric stiffeners, you should make sure that your selected product stiffens fabrics correctly without damaging the actual quality. In this guide, we tried to list only those products that are top-quality and convenient to use.

You can pick any of the reviewed products. However, we recommend the Mod Podge Plaid Stiffy stiffener. It comes with all benefits that you expect in the best fabric stiffener. It’s very affordable also. So, you will not regret it after taking it at home.

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