How Much Does Fabric Cost?

You love sewing, but it requires some expenses. You can’t avoid them as sewing a dress or making a craft involves so many things. All those things are rarely available in your home and most of the time, you need to buy them. Fabric is the key product when sewing and it is normal to be concerned about its price. So, you have this question in your mind how much does fabric cost?

How Much Does Fabric Cost

Fabric is sold by the yard, bolt, roll, or other ways. So, the price can be different and it also depends on fabric types and qualities. Considering the yard as the base of fabric measurement, you may need to pay from $3 to $1800 per yard of fabric.

When buying fabric, there are some other things you should know. In this guide, we will explore all so that you understand how much a particular type of fabric costs for a specific amount.

How Much Does Fabric Cost?

The cost of fabric depends on the amount of fabric. Generally, fabrics are sold by the yard to general customers. Moreover, different types of fabrics have different costs. Though there are huge varieties of fabrics available, common fabrics cost from $3 to $40 per yard.

Sometimes, fabrics are sold by bolts by wholesale fabric sellers. In this case, per yard cost of fabric will reduce. The cost of fabric per yard also differs for luxury fabric material. For example, silk or satin fabric will cost more than $40 per yard. Even some fabric materials might cost more than $1000.

The width of the fabric is another important factor. Wide fabric will cost more. Most fabrics are 36 inches wide. If this width is more than 36 inches, the cost per yard will increase.

How much a fabric costs also depends on the quality of the fabric. High-quality fabrics are manufactured with high-quality materials. So, the same type of fabric cost will differ by quality. For example, low-quality cotton costs around $3 but high-quality cotton costs around $15 to $20 per yard.

However, mostly useable fabrics like cotton, nylon, polyester, linen, crepe, georgette, etc., cost between $3 and $40.

How Is Fabric Priced?

The price of the fabric is fixed by considering different factors. The most important factor is the raw material of the fabric. Generally, the more the material cost, the more the fabric will be priced.

How Is Fabric Priced

For example, cotton fabric is manufactured with cheap materials. So, the price is less. But silk fabric is manufactured with costlier materials. That’s why the price of silk will be more than cotton.

Fabric size is another factor that determines the price of fabric. Two yards of fabric must be pricier than one yard of fabric. On the other hand, different types of fabric dyes cost different. Some dyes are pretty costlier. So, fabrics having costlier dye will be priced more. Considering these factors, the fabric is priced.

How Much Is a Yard of Fabric Cost?

A yard of fabric costs around $7 to $40. This range of cost is true for most common fabrics. But the cost can rise up to $1000 per yard of fabric if the fabric is a luxury one. Generally, fabrics are sold to the general customers by the yard.

How Much Is a Yard of Fabric Cost

The cost of a yard of fabric depends on the type of fabric. For example, one yard of cotton fabric might be available around $5. But most silk fabrics will cost more than $20 per yard. Besides, the quality of the fabric makes a difference in the cost.

That’s why you will not get the exact answer to this question. You must know about the type and quality of the fabric to know about the cost.

How Much Does Cotton Fabric Cost Per Yard?

Usually, the average cost of cotton is $3 to $12 per yard. But others may sell it at a slightly higher price depending on some usual factors. This price can be $5 to $20. It’s not impossible to purchase it for as low as $1 per yard.

Although cotton is one of the least expensive fabrics, the cost per yard is subject to change on several factors. Its durability, quality, quantity, comfort, color, design, etc. act behind the price change.

Market conditions also change with time. So, market conditions and production methods have an important influence on prices. As cotton is very popular, its demand is always high in the market. This can also influence the fabric market.

How Much Does Silk Fabric Cost Per Yard?

Silk is a high-quality natural fabric that comes in many versions or forms. Compared to some other fabrics, silk requires extra investment to manufacture. Due to this, its price is slightly higher.

This finer woven fabric will cost $5-$65 per yard. If you want to buy raw fabric, it can cost $4-$10 per yard.

Chiffon, organza, dupioni, charmeuse, and crepe all are versions of silk that can be available at different price ranges. For example, chiffon can be purchased at $4 to $10, charmeuse from $7-$22, and dupioni from $13-$20 per yard.

How Much Does Upholstery Fabric Cost Per Yard?

Generally, upholstery fabric costs between $50 and $70 per yard. Upholstery fabrics can be of different types. A huge variety of fabrics can be used as upholstery fabric. But synthetic microfiber is mostly used as upholstery fabric nowadays.

The manufacturing cost of synthetic microfiber is higher than other common materials. So, the cost of upholstery fabric is also a bit higher than common fabrics. If you want a cheaper option, you can choose polyester fabric as upholstery fabric.

In this case, you will get the upholstery fabric for around $15. However, you can use different fabrics for upholstery. The cost will change according to the type of fabric.

How Much Does Sunbrella Fabric Cost Per Yard?

Sunbrella is well-known as a high-performance and highly durable fabric which is also a bit expensive in terms of price. Generally, it is priced at around $25 per yard. Some stores may charge as much as $30 per yard. Again, depending on the widths and marketplace variations, some stores have priced up to $40 per yard.

Some online stores offer you the same thing that you can get at a discount or lower price than the listed price. But make sure to purchase the best quality product from popular stores.

How Much Is Satin Fabric Per Yard?

Satin is made from pure silk with a smooth finish that will create a luxurious look for your outfit. This fabric may seem expensive for its elegant look. But no, it was not so expensive. You can get it within your budget.

However, its price can’t be specified. The price varies from store to store and also depends on its quality. So, let’s know its prices at some popular stores.

Walmart, a super low-price shop sells satin at prices ranging from $6 to $40 per yard. Amazon is globally known for low prices and robust offerings, which charge $25-$40 per yard of satin. Mood Fabrics, another largest fabric store, sell for $22 per yard of satin. Michaels sells satin for prices ranging from $5 to $16 per yard.

How Much Does a Yard of Fleece Fabric Cost?

Fleece is a warm, comfortable, and versatile type of knitted fabric. Due to its warmth and durable characteristics, it is widely used in making winter clothes.

There is no definitive answer for how much will cost per yard. Its price varies depending on several factors like materials, fabric quality, production costs, etc. The cost also depends on where you buy the fabric from. However its average price ranges from $5-40$, but high-quality fabric can cost up to 100$ or more.

Let me tell you, you can find this fabric at online discount sellers for $2 or less. But its quality may not be the same as other outlets’ products.

How Much Does 2 Yards of Fabric Cost?

Two yards of fabric cost according to the cost of fabric per yard. You know that the cost of fabric depends on various things like the type of fabric, quality of the fabric, manufacturing materials, market competition, dye cost, and many more.

So, there is no exact answer to this question. You need to know the cost of one yard of fabric. Accordingly, the cost of 2 yards of fabric will be doubled by one yard’s cost. If one yard of fabric costs $15, then two yards of fabric will cost $30.

How Much Does 3 Yards of Fabric Cost?

How much 3 yards of fabric costs depend on the type of material of the fabric. Different fabrics are manufactured with different materials. Moreover, the quality of the fabric makes the cost difference for each fabric.

Generally, fabrics are sold by yards. Also, these are sold by bolts or rolls to wholesale business people. However, the average cost of most fabrics lies between $7 and $40. This range is for common fabrics available in the market.

So, 3 yards of fabric will cost three times. That means you will get 3 yards of fabric from $21 to $120. For luxury fabric, the cost can rise to $600 per 3 yards. Moreover, if the width of the fabric is thick, it will cost more. Sometimes, the market competition makes the price even higher.

How Much Does 4 Yards of Fabric Cost?

Four yards of fabric will cost four times one yard’s cost. Generally, one yard of polyester costs from $5 to $10. So, 4 yards of polyester fabric will cost from $20 to $40. But this price range is not the same for all types of fabrics.

If you want to buy 4 yards of taffeta silk fabric, it will cost from $60 to $140. On the other hand, 4 yards of cotton fabric will cost less than this. That means you must know the cost of one yard of a specific fabric. Then you can easily calculate the cost of 4 yards by multiplying one yard’s cost by 4.

How Much Is a Bolt of Fabric Cost?

A bolt of the fabric means a hundred yards of fabric. So, if one yard of fabric costs $7, one bolt of fabric will cost $700. But the cost is not calculated like this always. Generally, a bolt of fabric is sold when someone needs the fabric for multiple purposes or a big project. Moreover, wholesalers sell fabrics by bolts.

That’s why when someone buys fabrics by bolts, the price becomes less than the retail price. For example, a bolt of fabric will cost $100 to $500 for most common fabrics. This price will also vary for different types of materials and the quality of the fabrics.

Sometimes, some sellers such as Walmart or Amazon sell the bolt for 25 yards or 50 yards. For the less amount of fabric, the cost will also reduce. That’s why there is no exact cost for one bolt of fabric, but the common fabric will cost from $100 to $500 per bolt.

How Much Is a Roll of Fabric Cost?

How much a roll of fabric will cost depends on the type of fabric and the amount of fabric. Because the amount of fabric is not the same for all rolls. Generally, a roll of fabric contains 50 to 100 yards. But it varies with the type of materials.

For example, one roll of canvas fabric consists of 39 yards of fabric. But for common fabrics, a roll consisting of 100 yards will cost around $100 to $500.

The cost may also be cheaper sometimes. But a high-quality fabric roll will be available in this range. If you are searching for luxury fabric, the roll price will start from $1000.

How Much Does a Yard of Fabric Cost at Joann’s?

Joann’s mainly an American brand that is famous for fabrics, crafts, and sewing supplies. They offer you offline and online shopping. They have a wide collection in different fabric categories. Just need to filter their categories according to your needs and select the fabric from their well-organized website.

When it comes to fabric cost, the price can vary depending on the fabric type, material, fabric thickness, weight, quality, etc. Generally, the cost of fabrics per yard is between $5 and $300.

The biggest advantage to shopping from Joann is their coupons. Don’t forget to check their coupons to get a discount. They also offer a 20% discount to senior citizens on every purchase which is really appreciated.

How Much Does a Yard of Fabric Cost at Hobby Lobby?

A yard of fabric costs from $4 to $120 at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is a platform for buying arts and crafts items. They sell common fabrics at an affordable price. Generally, common fabrics like cotton, polyester, linen, etc., are available for less than $10 per yard.

Sometimes, they offer a discount on the fabrics. So, you can get different fabrics at a lower price. However, if you buy luxury fabric, obviously, the cost will be higher. But Hobby Lobby is an amazing store for buying a yard of fabric for $10.

How Much Does a Yard of Fabric Cost at Walmart?

Walmart is a large company in the United States and it delivers its products almost worldwide. They claim to be the cheapest seller. You will find all your daily needs here.

However, the fabric cost per yard is $3-$15 in this shop. You can get $3 or less per yard but there is a condition. You must order at least $35 worth of fabric. You will also get discounts on several seasonal offers.

Check their various departments such as brand, color, fabric material, size, and pattern to purchase the right one.

How Much Does Fabric Cost at Michaels?

Michaels is another well-known store for buying clothes. They sell high-quality fabrics at a reasonable price. Generally, they sell from $5 to $300 per yard for different types of fabrics. The cost of fabric per yard depends on the type of fabric.

However, Michaels sometimes offers clearance sales or discounts. At that time, they sell fabrics at a very cheap rate. But you can find the most common fabrics within $30 per yard at Michaels at any time.

What Is the Most Expensive Fabric?

When it comes to choosing clothes, the first thing that comes to our mind is the famous brand. But did you know that not only the brand but also the fabric defines class? There are some luxurious fabrics like wool, silk, fur, denim, and linen that are the best in terms of quality as well as price.

Among them, the wool from vicuna called vicuna wool is the most expensive, luxurious, and rarest wool in the world. It’s quite commonly used fabric among other expensive fabrics. This fabric is the best option for its softness, warmness, and high exclusivity properties.

It costs $400-$600 per kilogram which is unprocessed vicuna fiber. You have to spend at least $1800 per yard for vicuna fabrics. For better qualities or a vicuna fabric that has woven gold, you can expect to pay $3000-$3800 per yard. If you want to purchase a simple vicuna jacket, coat, or scarf that will cost around $20,000 or more.

Do you know how much you have to pay for a bespoke vicuna suit? Surprisingly, it’s approximately $40,000.

When you know the price, you may wonder what makes this fabric so expensive compared to others. Well, the reason is that it came from vicuna sheep. It’s a rare species of sheep and its wool is shorn only once every 2-3 years. The cost of processing it in hand looming process is also quite expensive. So, it’s certainly not unusual to be expensive.

What Is the Cheapest Fabric?

As we mentioned earlier, the price of fabric depends on certain factors such as fabric materials, manufacturing methods, quality, production quantity, etc.

Generally, the manufacturing cost of man-made fabrics is lower among the three; man-made fibers, natural fibers, and a combination of both fibers. Because of this, the selling price of this type of fabric is also cheap.

Polyester is considered the cheapest fabric due to the large quantity produced every year. The average cost of raw polyester fiber is $1 per pound, although this price fluctuates based on global market conditions. If you want to buy polyester fabric, then you may have to spend $5-$10 on most polyester.

But for high-quality polyester like some well-made Ultrasuede fabrics, you have to pay $70 or more per yard for this.

Inexpensive fabric may be good for your affordability, but may not be good in terms of overall qualities. So, if you want to get the best or give equal priority to good quality and the cheapest rate, then cotton is the right choice.

Where Can I Buy Fabric?

Nowadays, you have generally two options to buy anything. Even for fabric, you can choose from two; local store or online store. Check your nearest local store and you can pick your preferred fabric.

On the other hand, there are several online retailers that can offer you a wide array of fabrics with various offers. These stores come with excellent collections. They allow you to choose from the highest number of fabrics. The price can be slightly different from one store to another. So, you have to take a decision carefully.

Some of the good sources are Joann Fabric,, Minted, Mood Fabrics, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. And always you have Amazon.

Final Words

Fabric options are many. Unfortunately, there is not only one fabric that does everything. As fabrics are many types, the quality and price are also different. So, you can’t find a single answer when it comes to the cost of fabric.

Also, keep in mind that fabrics are sold in different ways like per yard, bolt, roll, and others. When you have an idea about the cost of a standard amount, you can calculate any amount that you need. After finishing this guide, you can now buy fabric with a proper decision that how much fabric you want and how much you need to spend for a certain amount of fabric.

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