How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Quilt? All Size Quilt

Seems like you are on a mission to make a quilt and that is why the question ‘how much fabric for a quilt’ clicks on your head!

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Quilt

Well, firstly, you are on the right site and we appreciate it. Secondly, to make a quilt, you need to know the right amount of fabric you will need. Because surely you do not want to run out of it or too many scraps get left before or after completing the quilt. A proper calculation of the fabric amount is required. So, how much fabric do I need for a quilt?

The calculation depends on the size of the quilt you want to make and also, on the design you want to create. Nonetheless, to speak in general, if you want to make a quilt of 38 inches by 52 inches, then you may need fabric of around 2 or 2.5 yards while having a fabric width of 46 inches according to your design. If the size is larger, then the amount of fabric will also be increased.

However, the calculation becomes easier when you the help of a quilt calculator. So, to get an elaborate perception bear with us till the end.

How to Calculate Fabric Yardage for Quilts?

Now it may seem a bit difficult to you. But once you know the method things seem easier. But before that, you need to know that generally a quilt is made of three layers. The layers are known as top, batting, and backing. People try to make the top layer artistic.

How to Calculate Fabric Yardage for Quilts

However, all the layers require the fabric to be done. And the last two layers require fabric measurement as well. So, before getting started, you need to fix up the design first. However, to informed you, there are mainly two types of quilt sizes that are accepted worldwide: UK and US.

Nonetheless, by maintaining some steps properly, you can get through the calculation properly.

Step – 1: Measure According to Your Design

If you want to make a block design with a cloth as the top layer of your quilt, then the measurement will be a bit different. First, you decide the block size you want for your design. Suppose you decide to get 6.0” inch fabric blocks to make the design.

Now, you need to measure the number of fabrics you will need to cover the entire quilt with the blocks. For that, measure the width of the fabric and then divide the amount by the size of the block.

Therefore, if you find the fabric width is 60 inches and the block size is 6.0”, then divide the first by the latter amount. The result comes to 10. So, basically, you can add 10 blocks of fabric as the top layer of your quilt.

Again, if the result of the calculation comes as a fraction number, then you have to take the round figure. Like if the calculated result is 6.3 then make further calculations by taking it as 6.

Step – 2: Measure the Block Number

Now, suppose you know you will need a total of 20 blocks of fabric according to your design. In such cases, how much fabric you will need to fit enough blocks?

Well, that has an answer too. Just divide the total number of blocks by the number of blocks required for width fitting. Since we have already discovered the block number for width is 10. So, after division, the result is 2. So, to make the design you have to cut 2 fabric strips to achieve the design.

However, if the result comes in a fraction like 2.6 then go for the closing round number which would be 3. So, then you will need to cut the fabric into 3 strips.

Step – 3: Up for the Last Calculation

Now it is time for multiplication. Multiply the total number of strips by the width you have measured for each block.

So, previously we have calculated that you will need to cut 2 strips from the fabric. So, multiply 2 by 6.0”. Hence, we get 12 inches. If the strip number were 4, then the result would be 24 inches.

So, now we have got the final calculation. To cut out a number of total 10 blocks of 6.0” squares of fabric with a width of 60”, you will need around 11-inch fabric for a quilt.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Quilt?

Well, the answer depends on several factors. Let’s get to know them.

How Much Fabric to make a Quilt

Quilt Size

We have already mentioned that first, you have to decide on the quilt size. Some bedding sizes are considered standard in this regard like single or double, crib or cot, king or queen, twin, and all. Thus, according to the size preference, you will know how much fabric you need.

Design and Pattern

Also, it depends on the design pattern. If the design is way complex or intricate, you may need way extra fabric as well. Again, it is wise to buy a bit extra more fabric than what you have calculated.

Because you may need it for the backing of the quilt or going around the edges. Therefore, professionals suggest buying fabric pieces that are a bit larger.

Cotton Shrinkage

Then again, for your information, quilt fabrics are always meant to be cotton. So, when you wash the quilt after making it, the fabric will shrink. This can make your quilt look unattractive. Thus, to resist the shrink, it is suggested to multiply the total fabric for a quilt by 1.05. It will reduce by around 5% shrinkage.

So, if you have already calculated that you will need 16.5 inches of total fabric then multiply the number by 1.05. The result is 17.5 inches. So, you better buy this much quilt fabric.

Seam Allowances

Moreover, you also need to keep seam allowances to give the quilt a perfect look. But seam allowances may also require some extra fabric according to the pattern of your design.

If you are using many blocks made of several pieces of fabric then you need to allow a seam for each block. It is also a bit time-consuming. But once you do it perfectly, it gives the quilt a nice finish.

How Many Yards of Fabric for a Full Size Quilt?

Okay, we can calculate the amount. But first of all, do you know the measurement of your mattress? The quilt yardage for your bedding depends on the size of your mattress where you are going to set the quilt.

To make it understandable for you, let’s count the generalized size for a full-sized bed mattress. It comes with 54 x 75 inches. Thus, for this mattress, a quilt size of 70 x 80 inches or 178 x 224 centimeters will cover it beautifully.

How Many Yards of Fabric for a Full Size Quilt

Again, according to yard measurement, the full size of the quilt will be 1.9 x 2.2 yards. But again, many designers want to add a little drop in the quilt end. The design makes the quilt look beautiful. However, in such a case, you can add 12 to 21 inches of drop.

According to the drape, you can choose the drop sizes. So, if you want to add 12 inches drop then by yards the quilt size will be about 2.2 x 2.5 yards. Again, for 16 inches and 21 inches drops, the fabric you will need for the quilt is 2.4 x 2.5 yards and 2.5 x 2.5 yards respectively.

Thus, according to yardage, you will need fabrics of different amounts since many also do not want to add any drops to their quilt.

How Much Fabric Do You Need for a Queen Size Quilt?

To make a queen comforter, it is always suggested to convert the measured size into yardage. This way you will know how much fabric you need to make it.

How Much Fabric Do You Need for a Queen Size Quilt

Generally, the standard size of a queen quilt is 90 inches by 90 inches. Again, some custom-made can come with a width of 90 inches and a length of 95 inches. In this case, you may need around 11 yards of fabric to make it.

But getting an extra yard additionally will save it from cotton shrinkage. That means 12 yards of fabric will keep the quilt straight. Again, for strips or patterns, you may need to get two more yards of fabric.

To give a piece of advice, many use queen flat sheets for simplifying the sewing process. You can apply it on one or both sides. Get 2 inches larger sheets than the width size to have the perfect finish. So, if the width is 90-inch then get 92-inch flat sheets.

How Much Fabric for a King Size Quilt?

Generally, a king-size mattress comes with a size of 110 inches by 96 inches. Now surely a deluxe comforter will cost you more yardage of fabric. However, if you are willing to pay, you can get anything.

How Much Fabric for a King Size Quilt

Thus, let us make the calculation easier for you. For the king-size bedspread, you will need around 87 x 8 yards of fabric with a fabric width of 45 inches.

Again, for adding drops, go for the amount of 57 x 8 yards of fabric. In this case, you should go for fabrics with extra width. So, select fabrics that are 54 to 60 inches wide.

How Much Fabric for a Baby Quilt?

Baby quilts are probably the most adorable thing on earth. Hence, surely you want it to be extra soft and warm.

However, baby quilts are also meant to be square in shape and basically, come
with a size of 36 x 54 inches. This size goes for even the biggest of babies. So, according to this quilt size, you may need around 3 yards of fabric.

How Much Fabric for a Baby Quilt

You can simply divide the yard amount according to the need. For the 36-inch baby quilt, one yard of fabric is required for the quilt top that comes in a size of 36 x 36 inches. More than a yard is required for making the back. And lastly, 0.5 yards is required for binding.

However, many quilters also use only 2 yards of fabric to make a baby quilt and yes, with expertise, it is possible.

How Much Fabric is Needed for a Twin Size Quilt?

A twin-size bedspread over a twin-size mattress seems more comfortable. However, calculating how much fabric you will need for this is easy. Just multiply the required quilt width by the required length in inches.

How Much Fabric is Needed for a Twin Size Quilt

Then add 20 percent to the result for the seam lines and pattern matching. So, if the twin-size quilt is 64 x 86 inches, then after calculation the required fabric for the quilt is 90 x 70 inches. Again, for a 14-inch drop in the quilt end, get around 6 yards of fabric.

How Much Fabric for a Lap Quilt?

Lap quilts are also meant to be square with a size of around 45 inches by 45 inches. Though modern lap quilts come in different shapes, sizes, and even styles.

How Much Fabric for a Lap Quilt

So, if you want to make a small-size lap quilt, you may need a 30 x 60 inches fabric. Again, for a larger quilt, you will need 45 x 60 inches of fabric.

Moreover, you can go for a way larger size lap quilt with the amount of 54 x 72 inches of fabric to add a cozy drape.

How Much Fabric to Make a Throw Quilt?

How Much Fabric to Make a Throw Quilt

A standard throw quilt comes with dimensions of 50 x 65 inches. So, if you want to design it with 5 inches block then you will need around 160 squares. If the throw quilt is larger with a size of 63 inches by 72 inches, then you may need 224 5” blocks.

How Much Fabric to Make a 9 Patch Quilt?

For a 9-patch quilt, you may need around 1.5 or 2 yards of fabric. Many want it to be more artistic and want to mix both dark and light fabric.

How Much Fabric to Make a 9 Patch Quilt

So, you can also buy some portion of light fabric. According to your need, you may bring changes in different ways.

How Much Fabric for Quilt Backing?

If you are making a quilt then quilt backing is a must. And surprisingly, compared to a quilt top, quilt backing takes up more fabric to be done. Therefore, professional quilters suggest having around 8 inches of extra fabric for both width and length.

How Much Fabric for Quilt Backing

In the end, you will have 4 inches of fabric extra all around. So, for a medium-size quilt of 47 x 74 inches, 3 yards of fabric would be enough for the backing. Again, for an extra large quilt, you may need 10 yards of fabric for the backing.

Final Words

Now that you have some idea regarding how much fabric you need to make a quilt, you can make the project more fun.

Having a generalized idea will help you to know the exact answer to how much fabric you will need for your desired design and pattern.

Also, a basic idea regarding the quilt types and their sizes helps you out from much confusion.

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