How to Wash A Synthetic Wig with Fabric Softener: 3 Ways

The key ingredients of synthetic wigs are some man-made fibers. These fibers make it a little difficult to wash synthetic wigs. But washing is not impossible and if you have a synthetic wig, you may want to know that how to wash a synthetic wig with fabric softener?

Remove the knots from your synthetic wig using a comb. Moisten the wig in a mixture made of 120 ml fabric softener and the necessary amount of water (maximum 250 ml). Remove the wig from the mixture and wash lightly in the cold water. Now, dry it in the air to revive completely.

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig with Fabric Softener

Well, we’re going to describe some more ways to wash your synthetic wigs. This will give you more options to decide which one is perfect for your situation and for the best result. Keep up reading.

Can You Wash Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic wigs are indeed washable. Since they are prone to become dull and tangled after some use, washing can bring back their previous beauty. Wearing synthetic wigs for weeks without cleaning makes the mold, dingy, and lifeless. Thus, it is a need to wash them on a regular basis.

Can You Wash Synthetic Wigs

Also, you surely do not want to invest in a wig again as synthetic wigs are already so very expensive. So, the manufacturers make washable wigs and you can wash them. 

Should I Wash My Synthetic Wig before Wearing It?

According to most synthetic wig manufacturers out there, washing synthetic wigs before wearing them is a personal choice. It is not necessary enough yet if anyone wants to maintain hygiene, he or she can wash their wigs before wearing them.

Should I Wash My Synthetic Wig before Wearing It

However, you cannot wash them in a regular way using regular stuff. To clean your synthetic wigs properly, using the products that are specifically manufactured for them is recommended.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that frequent washing can damage your synthetic hair. So, avoid washing each time before you wear them. Only clean that hair when you think retouch is really required to get back the original color and beauty.

How Often to Wash Synthetic Wigs?

The frequency of washing synthetic wigs mostly depends on their uses. It depends on the weather as well. Generally, it is recommended to wash wigs every 4 to 6 or 8 weeks or after every 5 to 7 wears.

How Often to Wash Synthetic Wigs

However, this routine is appropriate when the weather is cold. But when the weather is hot the synthetic wigs require more frequent washes.

Many prefer to wash their wigs after every 2 weeks. But it is wise not to wait for the times rather realize if your wig actually needs a wash or not. If you feel the wig is soiled, oily, frizzy, and spreads odd smells, then it is surely the time when you should wash your wigs.

Can You Use Fabric Softener on Synthetic Wigs?

You can definitely wash your synthetic wigs using a fabric softener. Fabric softeners are a great help to prevent stiffness from wigs. Making the wigs softer, the softeners also ensure an excellent revamping of the unit of your wigs.

Can You Use Fabric Softener on Synthetic Wigs

Moreover, the softeners can play a great role to hold on to the exact color of the wigs and their brightness.

Best Fabric Softener for Wigs?

Unlike other cleaning substances, fabric softeners do not contain any kind of cleaning agents. So, the best fabric softener for wigs must not contain any alkalies or enzymes. Instead, they should include conditioning agents and emulsifiers. These substances create a slippery barrier that offers softness. Also, they make the oils in the wigs soluble in water.

Best Fabric Softener for Wigs

The best ones are also produced to protect and reinforce your wigs. Hence, they can be in good shape and condition. Moreover, the fabric softener for wigs should come with fragrances and preservatives to keep the formula stable.

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig with Fabric Softener: Step by Step

Synthetic wigs are nowadays no less than a natural human hair. They come with a lot of improvements in their color, texture, density, variety, design, and all. Users will need to wash the wigs many times for several reasons in their lifetime.

Washing a Synthetic Wig with Fabric Softener

Well, for being a synthetic product, surely you cannot wash them just like the regular way. For proper washing, a fabric softener is highly recommended. It helps to bring durable softness and significant shininess to your wig.

Moreover, the fabric softener prevents clumping, tangling, and all relative issues from the wig hair. Nevertheless, there is a certain process of using it. Let’s get to the process step by step.

Step 1: Prepare Your Wig for Washing

This is the first and very important thing to do for washing your wig. If you own a wig, you must also own a wig brush. Brush the hair of your wig with it to get rid of tangles and knots. Make sure to brush your wig only when it is dry. Brushing a wet wig is not a good idea. It makes the wig hair frizzy.

Step 2: Make a Solution in a Tub

To wash your wig, you need to make a mixture using the fabric softener. Fill the tub with cold water or lukewarm water in a way that you can dip the wig properly. Now mix the water with about 120 ml fabric softener.

You can also add a very little amount of liquid dish wash or detergent to the mixture for better washing. After adding all the necessary stuff, stir the mixture properly.

Step 3: Soak Your Wig into the Mixture

Now, it is time to soak your wig into the tub solution. Stretch out the wig and submerge it into the water solution properly. When it is set, let the wig sit there for about 10 minutes.

Nonetheless, depending on the scale of the damage to your wig, you may need to let it sit for even two hours or more. In the case of a highly stiffed wig, let it soak for the whole night.

Step 4: Swish the Wig Gently

To wash up the hair of the wig properly, agitate it. It will help to get rid of all small debris that is stick to the water. Gently swish the wig around the water in the tub from side to side and up to down. Doing this is necessary since it makes sure that every hair strand gets in touch with the fabric softener solution.

However, make sure you do not rush with the process and rub the strands. It will damage the wig more. Be soft and careful when you are doing it. Also, remember, if the wig is already submerged in the water overnight, there is no need to agitate it for a longer time. Only a few minutes of agitating will help.

Step 5: Remove the Wig from the Tub and Squeeze out Moisture

When you are done agitating the wig, remove it from the tub and rinse it with cold water until it gets clean. Also, you can leave the wig without rinsing it. It helps the hair strands of the wig to absorb the fabric softener in them to make the hair softer. Then squeeze out the water from the wig by your hand. Or, you can also use a cotton towel to squeeze out the remaining water.

This step also requires a bit of carefulness. Do not rub the wig with a cotton towel. Instead, just press it or pat it covering some portion of hair strands. Also, do not be rough with the process.

Step 6: Finally, Air Dry the Wig

After you manage to squeeze all the moisture from the wig, it is time to dry it out. Just leave the wig on a wig stand or hook and let it air dry. When it dries completely, the wig is ready again to serve you.

Do not use a blow dryer or any other heat-based devices for accomplishing this purpose. Heat can change or damage the shape of the wig hair permanently. So, try not to use them.

How to Revive a Synthetic Wig without Fabric Softener?

There are some other tools without fabric softener you can use to revive a synthetic wig. If fabric softener does not work for you, then you better use a handheld steamer. It helps your synthetic wig to revive and get rid of the stiffness.

How to Revive a Synthetic Wig without Fabric Softener

Slowly brush some wig strands putting them in between the steamer and brush. Continue the process until you cover the entire wig.

Can You Wash a Synthetic Wig with Regular Shampoo?

If you want your precious synthetic wig to serve you longer, it is not a good idea to use regular shampoo to wash it. In fact, you should not use other regular human hair conditioners, gel, hair spray, and all.

Can You Wash a Synthetic Wig with Regular Shampoo

These regular kinds of stuff will dull the strand fibers of your wig. They are also responsible for shortening the life span. So, do not use regular shampoo or conditioner to wash a synthetic wig.

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How to Wash a Synthetic Wig with Regular Wig Shampoo?

Using regular synthetic wig shampoo is another way to wash your wig. You can get it at any local store that supplies beauty accessories. However, the using process is almost the same as using fabric softener.

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig with Regular Wig Shampoo
  • Simply make a solution with water and shampoo in a tub.
  • Then brush the synthetic wig and submerge it in the solution. Soak the wig for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After soaking the wig, remove it and drain out the shampoo rinsing it with cold water.
  • Use a nap. Shake the wig and let it dry in the air. Don’t hurry to dry it quickly.
  • If you want to add some synthetic wig conditioner, you can apply it. When you are done, leave the wig on a hook for air drying.

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig without Wig Shampoo?

There are other ways to wash a synthetic wig without a wig shampoo. You can use baking soda as homemade remedies. Baking soda helps to remove all kinds of bad odors from your wig. Even, baking soda can get rid of the cigarette smoke that has been absorbed by the synthetic wig.

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig without Wig Shampoo

You can also use dish wash and Woolite for this purpose. Woolite works as a mild detergent to wash up wigs. Moreover, baby shampoo can also be used to wash a synthetic wig.

The procedure is almost the same.

  • You will need to make the mixture first using baking soda and water. 1 tsp. baking soda is ideal for 1 cup of water.
  • The mixture should be made in such a way that it can submerge your wig. Soak the wig in the mixture for about 15 minutes.
  • Remove the wig from the mixture and rinse it in clean water.
  • Let the hair dry in the air. Don’t hurry to dry it faster with a hairdryer.

How to Revive a Curly Synthetic Wig?

If you own a curly synthetic wig and discover it has lost its shape and got frizzy, you feel the necessity of reviving them.

How to Revive a Curly Synthetic Wig

Well, to reset your curly wig, you can use perm rods. The process is very simple.

  • Curl the hair of your wig using the rods and keep the wig aside.
  • Boil some water in a pot and then put it off from the oven.
  • Next, put the wig inside the hot water pot and then let it sit. Wait up to 10 minutes.
  • Take out the wig from the pot after 10 minutes and air dry it properly. When it dries completely your curly synthetic wig is revived again.

You can apply this method on your old straight synthetic wig as well to get some variation.

Final Words

To own a top-quality synthetic wig, you will need to spend quite a smart amount. As you will not like to buy wigs frequently, it’s vital to take care of them properly. Washing is one of the key tips that you can apply to revive your wigs and ensure a longer lifespan.

Keep this guide in mind and try to clean the wigs when needed. Also, be careful and take precautions otherwise you will simply damage your wigs.

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